April 12, 2018

MITA Is for Self-Learners

Studying MITA on a laptop

Maybe you’ve just heard your first 12-bar blues or Baroque concerto and gotten hooked. Or maybe you’re a music student just wanting to excel in your courses and performances. Whatever the case, MITA can be a teacher/mentor that expands your musical horizons.

Learn Music through Sounds

Before there was music history or music theory, there was the music itself. MITA’s design philosophy prioritizes sound as central to the learning experience, with real pieces and strategic audio illustrations integrated directly into the text. You’ll never have to imagine what something sounds like. Just press “Play.”

Follow Built-In Structures

The historical accounts within MITA can be read sequentially—which is to say from the dawn of Western music in ancient Greece until the extraordinary global musical diversity of today—in a way that both entertains and enlightens, saturated throughout with sounds and images. If you wish to expand your musical vocabulary, follow the glossary’s Musical Languages Guide, which starts with essays on the most basic terms (e.g. “music,” “rhythm”) and builds from there. MITA’s built-in structure provides guidance informed by our team members’ combined 100+ years of experience as learners and teachers.

Or, Customize to Your Own Liking

If you know what you want, skip the built-in structures altogether and use MITA’s powerful sorting features to make the experience yours. The search feature allows you to find all mentions of any term within the program. An Eventful Story can be organized eight different ways (chronologically, geographically, by composer, etc.), and most Listening Guides can be set to novice or advanced levels.

Grasp Ideas in Plain, Memorable Terms

MITA places historical and theoretical notions within cultural contexts that are truthful and make no attempt to conceal paradoxes or contradictions. The narrative relates music to everyday ideas, so you don’t need to be a theory guru to wrap your head around them. Making connections to ideas you already own has been shown repeatedly to be the best predictor of what you retain.

Discover Musical Scores as Never Before

Whether you’ve never read a note of music or logged years of theory as an undergrad, MITA brings a whole new level of engagement with its Interactive Scores. They don’t just stare back at you—every bar, phrase, and theme plays for you, and in whatever segmentation or ordering you wish to hear. MITA’s trademark bouncing blocks guide you through as the music plays. Optional annotations provide insights about each score’s most revealing dimensions, and musical terms link instantly to the Deep Glossary.

Prepare for Live Experiences

Fostering a passion for live music is the central mission of ArtsInteractive. MITA can help you make the most of your live listening experience. If you’re going to hear a piece that’s referenced in MITA, you are good to go. If the piece isn’t in MITA, you can still prepare profitably by immersing yourself in the cultural movements on which your piece draws.

Join the Conversation

The more you learn about music, the more you become part of its vibrant, living community. It’s not about impressing people by dropping in the right term during a lull in the conversation. It’s about being able to communicate your passion to others, and to hear theirs in return. It’s about confronting the relationships between music and power, about debating whether Wagner’s anti-Semitism stains his music, or arguing whether the hip-hop of resistance has become overly commodified. Music matters because it cannot help but reflect where a culture is or predict where it is going.

Get the Free Version Or Choose Your Subscription Plan

Try MITA Sampler for free, for as long as you want (our gift to you), or choose a subscription plan for the full version that fits your budget and level of commitment:

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Embrace the Spirit of Music!

It’s sometimes hard to explain to others why we need music, which on the surface seems to serve little concrete purpose. Yet for millennia humans have acknowledged its central importance to creating community and cultural identity, its unique ability to both console and to challenge. Music continues to elicit a wider range of responses and engagement than any other form of human expression. Within that framework MITA strives to constantly expand your field of vision.

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