Forthcoming Features

Beethoven working on “development”
Our MITA team has a wide range of features and enhancements under constant development that will empower learners and teachers even further. We welcome your input and suggestions, both as to priority and desirability. Keep your version of MITA up to date to enjoy MITA’s latest and greatest features free of charge.

Top Priorities Under Rapid Development

Pathways Enhancements

Pathways offers an easy, intuitive means for organizing and presenting MITA’s 10,000 pages. Coming soon, you’ll be able to choose quickly and easily the pages you want for your presentations into collections. Interweave links to your own media, either from your computer or the internet. Then easily show your MITA-powered presentations to others. Teachers can use Pathways to organize their lesson presentations. Students can use the same feature to prepare class reports. Self-learners can arrange and/or save page sequences of particular interest.

Evaluation Tools

Interactive multimedia tools for gauging your own, or your students’, progress. Access stimulating (even fun!) questions about material covered throughout MITA, with sound, images, and video woven into the questions. Choose both the areas (music theory, history, performance) and level of difficulty (music appreciation, music major, graduate student). Instructors: Help your students assess their own progress. Self-learners: Test how well you’ve grasped new concepts and identify areas for improvement.

Also Currently Under Development


Custom text highlighting in your version of MITA.

Media Indexes

MITA overflows with media, and this feature will allow you quick access to any of the more than 2,000 audio files, 800 still images, 350 videos, and hundreds of external weblink videos.


Enables you to attach personal notes to any part of MITA.


Enables you to mark important pages that you want handy for easy reference.

With more coming!


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