How to Transfer Your MITA Activation to a New Computer

You may find yourself installing and activating MITA on one computer and then later needing to use it on a different computer. MITA’s licensing only allows for it to be activated on a single computer at a time. However, you can move your activation from one computer to another by deactivating it online and then reactivating it on a new computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate MITA in the License Keys area of your account on our website. [link]
  2. Download and install MITA on the new computer. You can access the installer link in the Downloads area of your account on our website. [link]
  3. Open MITA on the new computer where you’d like to use. After selecting “Enter,” you should see the “Activate License” screen. If you don’t see it, you can access it by selecting “Upgrade or Change License” from the bottom of the MITA application homepage.
  4. Use the same key that you deactivated in step one (from the License Keys area of your account) to activate it on the new computer.

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