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Award-winning professor Robert Winter (UCLA) invites you into a world of music and ideas as diverse as the one we live in. MITA weaves together cultural contexts, sound-drenched explanations of hundreds of musical terms, and world-class recordings with graded interactive guides spanning the entirety of Western classical music (plus blues, jazz, popular, and many global styles). Joined by custom videos featuring respected scholars and dozens of talented student musicians, Winter leads novices and experts alike through a groundbreaking digital learning environment guaranteed to deepen and enrich your relationship with music.

What you’ll need:
• Mac or Windows computer
• Internet connection
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Master teacher Robert Winter, MITA’s co-founder and principal author

How Does MITA Work?

The program is laid out into four main sections
An Eventful Story
An Eventful Story
MITA’s lively exploration of Western and global musics examines cultural contexts alongside sounding examples
Listening Guides
Listening Guides
An unrivaled set of more than 160 dual-layered (novice and expert) guides syncs written insights with world-class recordings
Interactive Scores
Interactive Scores
MITA’s unique system of bouncing blocks enables users at all levels to dive into more than 130 sounding, annotated scores
Deep Glossary
Deep Glossary
Learn hundreds of musical terms, demystified via carefully chosen musical excerpts synced to real-time text pop-ups

Coming Soon: Pathways, a robust tool for weaving MITA’s content together

A MITA For You

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The MITA Team

ArtsInteractive (MITA’s publisher) was founded by Lead Author Robert Winter and Programming/Design Director Peter Bogdanoff. Our mission is to foster a passion for live music with informative, sound-based, easy-to-use interactive software. The award-winning members of our team have been leaders in digital media since 1989 and have over 100 combined years of experience in university music education.

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