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MITA is terrific. It’s sort of a combo between a textbook and an interactive digital humanities website. All of the hyperlinks are an amazing resource: to photos, scores, biographical info, video. It brings the music under discussion to life in an exciting way.

Robin Moore

University of Texas

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Robert Winter’s masterful and profoundly original MITA represents the first thorough rethinking in music pedagogy in many decades. It will set the standard for a very long time into the future. The interactive nature of the program is as extraordinary (and duly attentive to how learning occurs) as the scholarship is authoritative. Robert Winter, a skilled performer in his own right, is deeply sensitive to music, evidence for which is apparent on any screen in this endlessly fascinating and intellectually responsible program.

Richard Leppert

University of Minnesota

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MITA is an incredible achievement. I’ve explored the Baroque entries and like the multifaceted nature of the presentation. It’s a truly deep dive but not overly burdensome in terms of density of detail – a real treasure for those coming new to music and those who want to learn more

Declan McGovern

Music of the Baroque



About ArtsInteractive, inc.

ArtsInteractive (MITA’s publisher) was founded by Lead Author Robert Winter and Programming/Design Director Peter Bogdanoff. Our mission is to foster a passion for live music with informative, sound-based, easy-to-use interactive software. The award-winning members of our team have been leaders in digital media since 1989 and have over 100 combined years of experience in university music education.

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