Lead Author and UCLA Distinguished Professor of Music Robert Winter uses MITA to launch into in-depth lessons on particular topics in music.

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Bob Freeman, MITA’s educational liaison and the former dean of several of the United States’ leading music schools


For educators: explore big-picture ideas about the role of music learning as well as day-to-day advice on topics like curriculum and lesson planning.

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Content by ArtsInteractive’s award-winning team. We have over 100 years of combined experience leading prestigious musical institutions and wrote the book (literally) on the state of music education.


Nathaniel Brickens ITF

Some Private Thoughts on the History and Future of Race and Music in America

Portrait of Mozart family

Talking Mozart with Robert Marshall – Mozart Speaks, Part II (MITA Lesson)

Music School Library

A Brief Guide to the Appointment of Visionary Music School Deans

An oil painting of Mozart in his twenties, by an unknown artist. Mozart wears the medallion awarded him by the Pope.

Mighty “Jupiter” – Mozart Speaks, Part I (MITA Lesson)