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Give MITA as a gift and help those special someones foster their passion for music with MITA’s joyful, efficient, sound-drenched approach. Gift subscriptions differ from regular subscriptions in that they are valid for one subscription period only (they don’t renew).

Just enter your recipient’s email address on the checkout page.

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Award-winning professor Robert Winter (UCLA) is the captain of a joyful trip through the music of Ancient Greece to the Baroque and Romantic periods to the incredibly diverse global landscape of today, with a whole lot in between. Hundreds of carefully selected works serve as MITA’s foundation, and encounters with dozens of talented musicians and scholars add perspective. MITA is the only platform that seamlessly integrates sounds, words, videos, and images to help users understand concepts guaranteed to deepen their everyday relationships with music. The program is laid out into four main sections:

1. An Eventful Story

Over 900 pages tracing the interaction of Western music with global events and cultures, awash with sounds and images

2. Listening Guides

Play-by-play accounts of 160+ pieces, with world-class recordings linked to written descriptions at every step of the way

3. Interactive Scores

150 musical scores, annotated and brought to life with unique bouncing blocks that follow along with real recordings

4. Deep Glossary

More than 600 musical concepts, illuminated like never before through integrated audio and video examples


Easy Sharing

At checkout, enter the recipient’s email address in the space provided. We’ll send her/him everything needed to install and activate MITA.

One Period Only

Unlike regular MITA subscriptions, gift subscriptions don’t renew. They automatically expire after the selected term (one month, six months, or one year) so that you don’t need to worry about being charged on a recurring basis. After the subscription expires, your recipient can enjoy the free MITA Sampler or sign up for a new subscription.

Subscription Starts on Date of Purchase

As soon as you purchase a gift subscription, the subscription will be active and ready to be enjoyed by your recipient. The subscription end date is based on the date of purchase.

Protecting Your Privacy

We’ll create an account for your recipient with access to the subscription’s MITA download link and license key. Sensitive information such as the price of the subscription and your billing details will only be available to you in your own account.

Single Mac or Windows Computer

The license key provided with MITA Gift is valid for installing MITA on one Mac or Windows computer only. Additional subscriptions may be purchased to run MITA on multiple personal machines. Recipients can move their license keys from one computer from another on the My Account page.

30-Day Guarantee

If for whatever reason you or the recipient are not satisfied with MITA, let us know within 30 days of purchasing and we will refund the cost, no questions asked.

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