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Use MITA, running on Mac/Windows computers, as an assigned resource for a course by purchasing a license key for the full Subscription version of the program (MITA in a nutshell). Student subscriptions differ from “regular” subscriptions in that they are valid for one term only and then expire (rather than renewing). If you’d like your subscription to renew beyond the quarter or semester, you can purchase a regular subscription here.

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IMPORTANT: After subscribing you will receive a download link and unique product key. You must install MITA and enter the product key upon opening the program to enjoy access to the full Subscription version of MITA throughout the duration of your subscription (the application will run a version of the MITA Sampler by default until the key is entered). MITA is currently available for Mac and Windows computers. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the MITA Installation Instructions page.

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1 Quarter, 1 Semester