Mighty “Jupiter” – Mozart Speaks, Part I (MITA Lesson)

In this first of a multi-part series exploring Mozart using Music in the Air (MITA), lead author and master teacher/entertainer Robert Winter uses MITA’s powerful interactive tools to dive right into the first two movements of Mozart’s final symphony, in C Major, K. 551—dubbed within only years of its composition as the “Jupiter.” We try to answer the question of how a work composed in perhaps as little as three weeks with no discernible performance in mind can be so deserving of our attention almost two hundred and fifty years later. Novices and experts both welcomed.

This video is part I of a three-part series. You can view part II here. If you enjoy the video, share it and subscribe to our channel for more. MITA Lessons are live webinars on wide-ranging musical topics that we record and publish. See more MITA Lessons here.

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