Talking Mozart with Robert Marshall – Mozart Speaks, Part II (MITA Lesson)

Known perhaps best for his incisive and illuminating Bach scholarship, Robert Marshall’s lifelong love for Mozart produced a volume—the real Mozart Speaks—that only a deep and humane understanding of the composer’s character and music could allow. Based on his unique organizing of Mozart’s 1,000+ pages of letters and contemporary observations, Marshall holds us captive while explaining everything from Mozart’s awareness of his own genius to his understanding of the true function of religion.

This video is part II of a three-part series. You can view part I here. If you enjoy the video, share it and subscribe to our channel for more. MITA Lessons are live webinars on wide-ranging musical topics that we record and publish. See more MITA Lessons here.


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Talking Mozart with Robert Marshall – Mozart Speaks, Part II (MITA Lesson)

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