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“Robert Winter’s masterful and profoundly original MITA represents the first thorough rethinking in music pedagogy in many decades. It will set the standard for a very long time into the future.”

Richard Leppert
Regent’s Professor of Music
University of Minnesota

Introducing MITA, the Digital Un-Textbook

Help music majors and non-majors alike hear their way to understanding with a fully digital platform that integrates sounding history, theory, and performance in imaginative new ways.

Johann Strauss Jr., looking more dignified than we might expect from someone who created so much havoc on the dance floor!

Seeing Is Believing (and hearing, too!)

The free MITA Sampler lets you explore how MITA might serve your pedagogical goals. What to expect:

  • • 40% of the content of the full Subscription version for fifteen days
  • • 10% of the full content after the first fifteen days, for free, forever
  • • Robust access to MITA’s powerful features: Interactive Scores, sound-drenched history, play-by-play Listening Guides, multimedia Deep Glossary entries & much more
  • • Absolutely no payments, credit cards, or obligations (yes, it’s really free!); easy, two-minute installation

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