Sustain and Grow Your Audience

Interest in anything—travel, baseball, cooking—is invariably linked to our inside knowledge. MITA makes no attempt to sell classical music the old-fashioned way by claiming that it brings about “moral improvement” or heightens your social profile. Rather, MITA speaks truthfully about a great tradition whose relevance is often lost in the rush to get attendees to “appreciate” things they have no reason to understand. It affords current and potential audience members the chance to hone their chops quickly and enjoyably, to develop lasting relationships with your music. How can you plug MITA in?

Special Perks

Offer MITA as a subscription and/or donor perk. Write us to inquire about generous discounts on bulk purchases of licenses.

Exclusive Discounts

Encourage audience members to download MITA in your newsletters, social media, and blogs. Offer the free MITA Sampler, or work with us to provide discounts on the subscription version.

Dynamic Concert Talks

Use MITA and its powerful multimedia tools for pre/post-concert talks (you might implement some of the ideas for using MITA in outreach programs).

Connection-Strengthening Clubs

Start MITA “book clubs with music,” attended (and even led) by audience members who meet monthly to discuss issues around classical music, with your organization as a unifying force and MITA as years’ worth of fodder.

Lobby Learning Stations

Set up computer stations in your lobby where attendees can explore music before concerts and at intermissions.

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