Provide Timely, Cost-Effective Professional Training

Rare is the staff or board where everyone feels secure in their level of knowledge. MITA’s multi-layered approach, which welcomes novices and challenges experts, offers a means of filling in gaps with maximum efficiency, enjoyment, and long-term benefit.

Artistic Planners

Bone up on the many contexts in which the music you program was written, whether by time period or for specific styles or works.


Strengthen your sense of connection between individual programs and their relevance to today’s world. Identify hooks about the works and styles of the season that your public would find interesting, converting potential audience members into attendees.


Maintain an integrated resource for music history, theory, and performance—including scores and recordings—for use by musicians, staff, and audience members.

Program Annotators

Use MITA as a sounding reference source for new ideas.

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