Installation Troubleshooting

Because MITA has only recently been released to the public on a limited basis, operating systems and anti-virus software are continuing to learn to recognize it. Although most installations are uneventful, if you encounter an issue with installation restrictions, here are reliable tips for solutions:

I encounter a message saying “The application ‘MITA’ cannot be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store.”

Open Finder and navigate to the Applications folder (don’t use the shortcut found in the dock at the bottom of the screen). From within your Applications folder, hold the “Control” key down on your keyboard and click on the MITA file. Select “Open” and then “Open” again in the message that follows.

I see a screen that says “‘’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

You can do as above or, alternately, open System Preferences and select “Security & Privacy.” Near the bottom of the first, “General” tab, you will see the same “unidentified developer” alert. Select “Open Anyway.” A window will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to open it?” Select “Open.”

I get a message that says “Windows protected your PC.”

If this window appears, click the not-so-obvious text for “More Info.” A button is revealed that says “Run Anyway.” Click that button.

My anti-virus program is blocking my installation.

Disable your anti-virus software and then complete the installation instructions, starting from where it was interrupted. Please refer to the following links to disable your antivirus software during installation (we recommend re-enabling it after installing MITA):

I can’t get past a message that says “Hang on, this file may contain something bad.”

Your best bet is to follow the instructions on this page (scroll down to “How to Disable Avast CyberCapture Completely”) to disable CyberCapture. You can turn it back on once you’ve finished the installer. This message is caused by Avast and AVG anti-virus software.

I receive a message that says “ShellExecuteEx failed: code 5. Access is denied.”

First, try disabling your anti-virus software (see the links to instructions for various anti-virus programs, above). If unsuccessful, run the installation as an administrator: Find the MITA file you downloaded in part 1 of the installation instructions. Normally, it will have saved to your desktop (alternatively, from your downloads, choose “Show in folder” or click the folder icon to take you to its location). Right-click the file called “MITA-Installer-Windows” and select “Run as administrator” from among the first options. Complete the remaining Windows installation instructions, resuming from step 3.

I receive a message that says “ShellExecuteEx failed: Code 299. Only part of the ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcess Memory was completed.”

Again, try disabling your anti-virus software (see the links to instructions for various anti-virus programs, above). If unsuccessful, repeat step 2 of the installation instructions and give the anti-virus program some time (it may take a few minutes).


Please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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