April 11, 2018

MITA Is for Music Professionals

Piano player

Whether you’re a musician, an administrator, or a critic, MITA gives you unique tools to grow professionally and promote your music. If you work with an orchestra, opera company, or chamber music ensemble, check out our Presenting Organizations page here.

Informed Planning

With ten years’ worth of research and original content creation, MITA brims with unique insights into the historical contexts of classical, global, and popular works. Use it to make connections to today’s world that are valuable to you and your audience and help you choose what to play or cover.

Discover New Marketing Angles

Dive deep into MITA’s Eventful Story, Listening Guides, Interactive Scores, and Deep Glossary to uncover ideas and details about works you are presenting. Convert potential audience members into attendees.

Keep Your Chops Up

Train (or re-train) your ears with hundreds of music examples with real-time annotations. 600+ Deep Glossary entries give you a quick definition or that deeper immersion—it’s your choice. In 15 minutes, 5 days a week you can hone your skills and maintain their sharpness.

Go Expert-Level Deep

MITA welcomes beginners but has plenty of room in the pool for experts. Tier 2 Listening Guides challenge your long-term hearing. Hundreds of “More” buttons within the Interactive Scores point out musical details and through-lines. Turn the rich commentary off and on to test your comprehension of everything from Neapolitan chords to disability studies. And if all of that isn’t enough, use MITA as a jumping-off point to learn about a range of topics with “More Reading” buttons that give suggestions about enticing places to look next.

Choose Pricing You Can Afford

Pricing for MITA was designed to fit a variety of budgets and levels of commitment. Try our MITA Sampler for free, for as long as you wish, or choose the subscription plan that’s right for you:

  • $12.95 monthly
  • $64.95 semi-annually
  • $124.95 annually

Explore Scores with Confidence

The Interactive Scores contained within MITA (over 120 of them) teem with annotations covering multiple dimension of each work, including voice-leading, themes and bass lines, harmonic structure, orchestration, translations of foreign markings, first-time sense-translations of all vocal works, deeper meanings, and more. Our innovative bouncing blocks follow the score measure by measure as the music plays; you can click on any measure to hear the music from there. If you’d rather view the score as if fresh off the publisher’s press, you can turn off all annotations and blocks with a single click.

Be a Team Player

Use MITA to discover how your part fits into the whole. Scores let you know what the entire ensemble is up to; it’s one more way to know when to lay back or when to shine.

Navigate Like a Pro

There are too many musical branches for any single approach to serve them all, which is why we’ve organized “An Eventful Story” eight different ways (chronologically, geographically, by composer, etc.), included a powerful search function that provides results in context, made scores navigable by either page number or musical moment, and listed glossary terms both alphabetically and via a structured guide.

Energize Yourself and Your Audience

Use MITA the way our teacher-customers do in pre-concert talks or reviews, or simply encourage your audience to get MITA for themselves and make the most out of the music you (and we) want them to keep discovering. Be freed of the false premise that we can lead people in some reductionist fashion to “appreciate” music. Use MITA to follow your own passions (more fun and more persuasive) and to confront the paradoxes and contradictions that underlie even the greatest artistic achievements.

Feed Your Passion

A thousand other professions could earn you more money. But you’re in music because you love it feeds your soul. With its fresh tone and cross-disciplinary approach, MITA is designed to fuel that fire—long may it burn!

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