Install the Expanded MITA Sampler

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About this Version

The Expanded MITA Sampler is the best way to experience and understand the philosophy behind MITA‘s revolutionary approach to exploring music. You’ll have 30 days to explore all of the same sound-drenched, interactive features of the MITA Subscription version and about 40 percent of its content. Afterwards, the application will revert to the (basic) MITA Sampler, a more limited-content version of the program that we invite you to continue to use, free of charge. Or adopt MITA for your course and we’ll send you a complimentary license key for the full version.

Get up and running on your Mac or Windows machine in under two minutes with MITA’s powerful, lightweight installation package.

Note: If you are experiencing trouble with anti-virus software or other alerts blocking your installation, please refer to “Installation Troubleshooting” below.

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