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A rare photo of Arnold Schoenberg giving a harmony class at UCLA, where he taught from 1936-1944.
Music in the Air (MITA) is the first wholly integrated, all-digital music teaching platform ever to hit the higher ed market. Overflowing with the sounds of music played and sung by world-class performers, MITA offers a refreshing alternative to traditional textbooks for multi-semester music-major history sequences as well as introductory non-major courses.

Unify Course Resources

Gone are the days when teachers and students had to navigate between a separate textbook, listening resources, and score anthology. With MITA, all that and more is offered under one roof: world-class recordings, a joyful and authoritative historical narrative, our signature Interactive Scores, original video content, and expandable images. MITA, a robust Mac/Windows application, also serves as a home base for excursions to the web, with curated, annotated links to web resources added to the mix.

Bridge the Gap Between History, Theory, and Performance

MITA acts upon the growing consensus of the college music community: music history and theory feed on one another. For that reason, every mention of a musical concept, from monophony to Tristan chord, is hotlinked to an in-depth glossary essay on the topic. Glossary entries are saturated with musical examples and link back to the historical narratives of those works.

Bring It All Together

We’re passionate about providing educators with content that is deep but highly accessible. That’s why we’ve rolled out Pathways. Pathways offer a wide range of guided threads through MITA’s rich resources and include complete course syllabi, traditional genres overviews, extensive and entertaining introductions to musical instruments, and many other topics.