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Introducing MITA, the Digital Un-Textbook

Help music majors and non-majors alike hear their way to understanding with a fully digital platform that integrates sounding history, theory, and performance in ways you never imagined.

Johann Strauss Jr., looking more dignified than we might expect from someone who created so much havoc on the dance floor!

Seeing Is Believing (and hearing, too!)

Downloading the Expanded MITA Sampler is quick and easy, and it’s a better way of getting a feel for what the program is all about than anything we can show you on this page. Explore MITA’s robust features and extensive content to see if it’s a possible fit for your classroom. You’ll get 30 days to try all the program’s features and about 40% of its content, with no credit card or obligations. After your first 30 days, the program will become the forever-free basic MITA Sampler, which is yours to keep. If you have any questions during your trial, feel free to get in touch. Complete the mini-form below and we’ll send you a download link.

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