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Download Your Expanded MITA Sampler Now

Below, you will find your download links for the pre-launch version of the Expanded MITA Sampler, offered exclusively to educators through May 31st. Explore MITA's features and more than half of its extensive content to see if it's a possible fit for your classroom. After May 31st, the program will revert to the standard MITA Sampler, which includes the same full suite of features but only about 10% of MITA’s content. You can keep the MITA Sampler (for as long as you wish!), purchase a subscription (available to the public by mid-June; we will shoot you an email), or contact us to receive a complimentary subscription when you adopt MITA for a class with 15 or more student subscribers. Start your download now for macOS or Windows.

Note: MITA is currently available only on macOS and Windows (tablets coming soon; mobile phone apps under development). If you encounter issues with anti-virus software, please refer to the installation instructions and troubleshooting below.

June 1, 2018 Update: The exclusive preview of the Expanded MITA Sampler expired on May 31, 2018. Please refer to the updated Expanded MITA Sampler page.